Maharashtra remains the top wireless telecom market in India – January 2011

  • According to figures released by TRAI, total wireless subscriber base in India is 771.18 million. While proportion active subscriber base stood at 71.14%. As a result, total active wireless subscribers in India were 548.62 million in January 2011. 
  • As per total subscriber base, Tamil Nadu (including Chennai) remains the largest wireless telecom circle in India followed by U.P. (East), Maharashtra (excluding Mumbai), Andhra Pradesh and Bihar top form top five 
  • However, this figure is quite misleading as proportion of active subscriber base in Tamil Nadu is poor 66.2% compared with National average of 71.14%. While Maharashtra with active subscriber base proportion of 77.58% emerge as the top wireless telecom market. Even Andhra Pradesh improves its rank to third displacing U.P. (East). 
  • Notably, figures of Mumbai are not included in Maharashtra subscriber base. Combined figure of Maharashtra and Mumbai is higher by at least 20 million compared with any other circle in India. 
  • Moreover, Maharashtra posted healthy wireless subscriber growth rate of 3.22% in January 2011 compared with December 2010 figures which is higher than overall Indian market growth rate of 2.52%. As a result, one can expect that going forward Maharashtra could continue to dominate India’s mobile telephony market while other states have to do lot of catching work. 

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