Mobile communication devices sales reached 427.8 million in first quarter of 2011 up by 19% driven by Smartphone, Android leads

Source: Gartner
Mobile communication devices sales up 19% while Nokia looses ground…
·      Mobile communication device sales in the world increased by 19% during first quarter of 2011 to touch 427.8 million
·      Nokia leads the market with 107.6 million unit sales followed by Samsung with 68.8 million
·      Although Nokia maintains its leadership position, it has lost significant market with share falling from 30.6% to 25.1%
·      Market share of Top 10 players declined from 71% to 65.8% indicating emergence of strong local competitors coupled with shift in consumer mindset

Android outclassed Symbian to become most widely used Smartphone platform…

·      Smartphone continues to gain popularity with sales of 100.7 million in Q1FY2011 compared with 54.5 million in Q1FY2010, increase of 85%
·      Share of Smartphone on total mobile communication device market increased to 23.6% from 15.2% in the corresponding period

·      During Q1FY2011, Android based Smartphone sales crossed 36.2 million compared with just 5.2 million in Q1FY2010. Rise of whopping 594%
·      Android market share improved from 9.6% to 36.0%
·      Nokia’s Symbian Smartphone operating platform lost considerable ground with market share dipping to 27.4% from 44.2%. Resulting in loss number of slot to Android
·      iPhone sales doubled to reach 16.9 million to grab third position from Blackberry


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