India Mobile Telecom Market May 2011 – U.P. (East) beats Maharashtra to become largest wireless telecom market in India

Source: TRAI
India mobile subscriber base touched 840.28 million in May 2011 …
·    Indian wireless telecom market ends May 2011 with subscriber base of 840.28 million with addition of 13.35 million during May 2011, monthly growth rate of 1.61%
·    Overall mobile teledensity stands at 70.23% (Urban – 154.18%, Rural – 34.13%)
·    Urban to rural subscriber ratio is 66.02% to 33.98%
·    Rural market with growth of 2.15% continue to outperform urban wireless telecom which grew by 1.34%
·    According to VLR data, India had 588.13 million active mobile subscribers. Hence, actual wireless teledensity in India is 49.16% by May 2011
U.P. (East) becomes the largest mobile telecom market in India….
·    Maharashtra lost its status as the largest wireless telecom market to U.P. (East) during May 2011
·    U.P. (East) with 49.27 million active mobile subscribers has taken decisive lead over Maharashtra with 47.86 million active mobile users
·    During May 2011, Maharashtra added 0.79 million mobile subscribers compared with U.P. (East) which added 1.64 million wireless users
·    However, in terms of active mobile subscriber base proportion, Maharashtra still has an edge with 85.11% active users compared with 73.82% for U.P. (East)
·    Andhra Pradesh is 3rd largest wireless telecom market in India followed by Tamil Nadu (4th) and Bihar (5th) 

Top 5 mobile telecom players account for 83% of overall subscriber base ….
·    Bharti Airtel has maintained its leadership position with 25.3% market share in India
·    Idea has largest proportion of active mobile users at 92.33%
·    Top 5 players in Indian wireless telecom industry accounts for 83% market share in terms of active subscriber base
·    Reliance (18.75%) added highest amount of subscribers in May 2011 followed by Airtel (18.35%), Vodafone (18.33%) and Idea (13.49%)
·    Reliance is facing tough competition from Idea for 3rd place as gap between their market share has come down to just 0.3% 

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