India Wireline (Landline) Telecom Market May 2011 – BSNL holds 3/4th of share in continuously shrinking market

India wireline telecom subscriber base touched 34.40 million at the end of May 2011 …
·        Indian landline telecom market ends May 2011 with subscriber base of 34.40 million
·        Due to cord-cutting trend about 0.15 million users disconnected their wireline connections resulting into negative monthly growth rate of -0.44%
·        Overall wireline teledensity stands at 2.88% (Urban: 7.19%, Rural:  1.02%)
·        Urban to rural subscriber ratio is 75.19% to 24.81%
·        Going forward, wireline telephony is unlikely to witness any positive momentum mainly driven by increasing adoption of mobile phones among Indian consumers
·        Landline market is most likely to restrict in corporate & government offices and affluent households
BSNL leads Indian wireline telecom market with 72.3% share of overall subscriber base ….
·        BSNL which is a Public Sector Unit (PSU) leads Indian landline telecom market with 72.3% share
·        MTNL which is another PSU focusing on metro markets of Delhi and Mumbai has 10.0% share
·        Bharti Airtel is the largest private wireline telecom operator with 9.6% market share followed by Tata (3.8%) and Reliance (3.6%) 
Tamil Nadu has highest number of landline users with 9.9% market share in India ….
·        Tamil Nadu has highest number of wireline telecom subscribers with 9.9% share in India
·        Another South Indian state Kerala comes close second with 9.5% share followed by financial capital of India, Mumbai with 8.7%
·        Delhi ranks 4th with 8.3% share followed by Maharashtra at 5th position with 8.2% wireline users
·        Top 5 markets accounts for 44.6% of total Indian wireline subscriber base indicating high degree of imbalance as far as penetration levels are concern


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