Andhra Pradesh (A.P.) Wireless Telecom Market 2012

Source: TRAI
Andhra Pradesh (A.P.) is 3rd largest wireless telecom market in India …
·         Mobile subscriber base of Andhra Pradesh (A.P.) increased by 10.14% during FY2012 to reach 66.8 million
·         Active wireless subscriber base in A.P. is 77.57% resulting in 51.8 million active mobile users
·         Active subscriber base in A.P. increased by 16.47% during FY2012 compared with national average of 19.00%
·         By March 2012, A.P. is 3rd largest wireless telecom market in India accounting for 7.59% of total active subscriber base
·         By March 2012, Andhra Pradesh (A.P.) registered 3,986,429 Mobile Number Portability (MNP) requests, resulting into churn rate of 5.97%  

Bharti Airtel dominates fragmented market with 33.5% share ….
·         Andhra Pradesh mobile market is dominated by national leader, Bharti Airtel with 33.5% share of active subscriber base
·         Idea holds No.2 spot with 18.0% trails market leader by significant margin
·         BSNL displaced Reliance to grab 3rd position with 12.8% market share while Reliance has 10.5% of active subscriber base in A.P.
·         Market leader, Airtel which has 27.4% share in terms of total subscriber base benefits from 94.9% active subscribers
·         Reliance with only 57.5% of active subscribers loosing considerably compared with its peers
·         Top 5 players accounts for 84.2% of A.P.’s active mobile subscriber base

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