News: Indian Railways to install “Green Toilets” in passenger trains

About 50,000 railways coaches to be retrofitted with green toilets at the cost of Rs.500 crores …
·        Indian Railways in collaboration with Rural Development Ministry taken up project to equip passenger trains with environment-friendly toilet system in order to improve hygiene for passengers
·        About 50,000 railways coaches would be installed with “Green Toilets” costing about Rs.500 crores over the span of next 4-5 years. Amount would equally shared between Indian Railways and Rural Development Ministry
·        The new toilet system is designed by Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) costing approximately Rs. 1,00,000 per piece
·        “Green Toilets” would have zero discharge toilet system (ZDTS) on running trains which would result in improved hygiene especially on railway tracks at stations
·        Indian Railways would manufacture new coaches fitted with Green Toilet Systems at Kapurthala in Punjab and Perambur in Tamil Nadu


  1. Thanks for sharing that information. I probably never will, but thoroughly enjoy reading about yours.And get IRCTC log in detail to travel in train.

  2. Instead of potentially allowing human waste to enter the groundwater or soil, composting toilets systems turn human waste into a safe and beneficial end-product for the environment.