India’s PC market increased by 17% during the second quarter of 2012

Source: Gartner
PC market posted robust growth mainly driven by higher sales entry level products in the consumer segment as well as mobile PCs   
·        India’s PC market sales touched 2.9 million units in second quarter of 2012, year on year growth of 17%

·        Consumer PC sales registered 24% growth driven by low cost entry level products. Notably, in India media tablets are yet to cannibalize PCs as it happened in the western markets

·        Mobile PCs registered 54% growth year on year driving the overall PC market growth during the second quarter of 2012

·        Lenovo strengthened its leadership position driven by factors such as aggressive pricing, stronger sales channel and gaining significant share of Tamil Nadu government order. As a result, Lenovo’s PC shipments posted 86% rise   
·        Driven by higher demand during the festive season due to increased consumer spending coupled with education buying as well as significant demand created by Tamil Nadu Government order for PCs; third quarter is likely to witness robust growth in the PC market

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