News - Telecom: Mandatory use of hybrid fuel for telecom towers by 2015 in India to promote green energy usage

By 2015, 50% of rural and 20% urban telecom towers must be powered by hybrid fuel   
·         As a part of its initiative to promote increasing usage of green energy, Government of India issued directives to telecom service providers to use hybrid power (renewable energy technologies + grid power)
·         It is mandatory for telecom companies to ensure that at least 50% of rural and 20% of urban mobile towers are powered by hybrid fuel by 2015
·         By 2020, the usage of hybrid fuel will further increase as 75% of rural and 33% urban telecom towers would be powered by hybrid energy
·         Also, telecom operators must also ensure that by 2020 power consumption of each base terminal station (BTS) must not exceed 500W
·         Currently, total number of mobile towers are 7,28,663 with majority powered by grid power or diesel generator sets resulting into significant carbon emission
·         As a result, Government has instructed by telecom operators to reduce carbon emission of mobile network at 5% by 2012-13, 8% by 2014-15, 12% by 2016-17 and 17% by 2018-19 compared to current  levels

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