Things which could transform Indian Railways as customer centric organization

Indian Railways is not only one of largest network in the world but it is a backbone of passenger travel system in India …
In order to become truly world class organization with enhanced focus on customer service and satisfaction, Indian Railways can improve on few points in the near future. This would help its customer to get better travel experience as well as increased revenue of Indian Railways

1.      Online Ticketing :
Indian Railways offers online ticket booking facility through “IRCTC”. It can certainly look at following points to improve online ticket booking system 
(A)  Charges

·        Removing “additional charges” on online ticket booking through IRCTC as well as on credit card payment. This would lower cost of ticketing for online customer and eliminate discrimination among various customers.
·        On the contrary, Indian Railways should offer some kind discount as incentive to book through online portal as against ticket counter. As online mode of ticket booking not only saves time of customer but also helps Indian Railways to improve utilization of its manpower. Also, it helps to save paper as well as reduce the burden of cash management for Indian Railways

(B)   Ticketing Layout

·        The biggest problem faced by online ticket buyer is non-availability of any kind of information about exact seat number possible till actual booking process is completed
·        While at the physical ticket counter, customer can ask booking clerk about seat numbers and book the ticket according to preference
·        If Indian Railways can provide “Bogie Layout” something similar to what happens in airline ticket booking, then online customers can select exact seats as per their preferences
·        Else, Indian Railways should offer more conditions to the customer while booking the ticket online. It really does not make any sense when customer gets seats just adjacent to toilets when entire train is empty at the time of booking
·        It would really help if customer can select B4 49 Lower Berth than system throwing some random seat number as a lucky draw

(C)   Point to Point Reservation option

·         Indian Railways is vast and extensive network and people used to travel through many places which are not directly connected by using multiple connecting trains
·         Why can’t customer book just one ticket with multiple train journeys with reserved seat numbers
If person wants to travel from Ratnagiri (Maharashtra) to Guwahati (Assam), then Indian Railways does not have any direct train. However, passenger can get a connecting train from Mumbai to reach Guwahati
If it is possible to book entire journey as a “single ticket” with details of multiple trains then it would save cost for the customer and also provide greater comfort
Indian Railways can start this facility for “confirmed tickets” only on a trial basis

2.      Chair Car / Second seating bogie in each train
Indian Railways runs many trains with seating only bogies mainly focusing on shorter travel routes. However, if it can offer chair car or second seating facility for all the long distance trains as well then more number of passengers can travel in the same train improving occupancy
For example, if train runs between Delhi to Mumbai via Bhopal then majority of passengers travelling between Delhi and Bhopal can opt for Chair Car or Second Seating which would save their travel cost as ticket rates are cheaper compared to Sleeper Class
3.      Customer Loyalty and Rewards
Customer satisfaction has gained huge importance in today’s competitive environment. Indian Railways can add value for its customer by offering various loyalty and rewards schemes
·        Indian Railway Loyalty Card: This would help the passenger to earn loyalty points as against purchase of rail tickets which can be redeemed in future either for tickets of merchandise
·        Discount vouchers to AC customers: Everywhere in the world organizations are rewarding its high value customers in order to get repeat business. Indian Railways can provide discount vouchers of various merchants for its AC customers. Considering the vast reach of its network, many marketers would explore this option providing discount vouchers against advertising of their products / services by Indian Railways
·        Lucky Draw: Each train departure of Indian Railways carries at least 1,500 or more passengers. If it offers prizes through lucky draw according to PNR to travelers then it would create positive experience for them on each and every trip. Needless to say, Sponsors would be more than happy to explore this effective marketing channel
·        Free tickets to cargo customers: Cargo revenue has already become backbone for Indian Railways. If it offers free tickets to its cargo customer which are mainly corporate then it can regained some of its corporate travelers
·        Additional discount for female passengers: If Indian Railways can offer discount of 5%-10% to female passenger then it would certainly enhance its brand image as a woman friendly organization

Above mentioned points are just few of the possible improvements which management of Indian Railways can consider to enhance its existing service which is already deserves lot of admiration
We certainly wish lot of best wishes to our dear Indian Rail which is serving this country with lot of dedication

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