India Wireless Telecom Market: July 2012

Finally telecom industry accepts “Active Subscriber Base” as true barometer
Source: TRAI
India’s active mobile subscriber base increased to 698.08 million in July 2012 from 695.82 million in June 2012 …
·        Indian wireless telecom market ends July 2012 with subscriber base of 913.49 million, decline of 20.61million, monthly growth rate of -2.21%
·        Overall mobile teledensity stands at 75.21% (Urban – 157.11%, Rural – 39.54%)
·        Urban to rural subscriber ratio is 63.37% to 36.63%
·        Rural market experienced reduction of 1.92 million mobile subscribers at a monthly growth rate of -0.57% while urban subscriber base declined by 18.68 million, growth of -3.13%
·        According to VLR data, India had 698.06 million active mobile subscribers. Hence, actual wireless teledensity in India is 57.47% by July 2012
·        Active mobile subscriber base of 698.06 million in July 2012 is an increase over 695.82 million active subscribers in June 2012. Hence, actually India’s wireless telecom market has shown positive growth unlike reported by all other analysts / reporters
·        In July 2012, about 4.98 million subscribers submitted Mobile Number Portability (MNP) requests which is about 0.55% of total mobile subscriber base in India

Bharti Airtel leads with 24.5% share as top 5 players owns 82.3% market….
·        Bharti Airtel has strengthened its leadership position with 24.5% market share in India
·        Idea has largest proportion of active mobile users at 92.80% followed by Bharti Airtel (90.46%) and Vodafone (89.16%)
·        Top 5 players in Indian wireless telecom industry accounts for 82.3% market share in terms of active subscriber base
·        Reliance’s subscriber base experienced 13.25% decline as the company disconnects 20.48 million inactive customers from its network.
·        The clear trend where telecom players are focusing on “active subscriber base” as the true barometer for the industry. Boneless Research has been saying this since February 2011

U.P. (East) retains leadership position despite negative subscriber additions…
·        U.P. (East) with 58.25 million active mobile subscribers is leading followed by Maharashtra & Goa with 56.94 million active mobile users
·        During June 2012, subscriber base of U.P. (East) shrunk by 1.89 million while Maharashtra & Goa experienced 2.38 million mobile disconnections
·        Andhra Pradesh (53.12 million) is third followed by Tamil Nadu (53.03 million) at fourth. Bihar with 46.79 million active mobile subscribers is the 5th largest market wireless telecom market in India
·        Impact of large scale disconnections by Reliance as well as to the some extent from Tata DoCoMo was quite visible as 19 out of 22 telecom circles posted negative subscriber growth

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