India Wireless Telecom Market: November 2012

Source: TRAI
India’s active mobile subscriber base increased 707.28 million in November 2012 from 703.92 million in October 2012 …
·        Indian wireless telecom market ends November 2012 with subscriber base of 890.60 million, decline of 13.63 million, monthly growth rate of -1.51%
·        Overall mobile teledensity stands at 73.02% (Urban:  149.32%, Rural: 39.67%)
·        Urban to rural subscriber ratio is 62.19% to 37.81%
·        Rural market contracted by 0.72 million mobile subscribers at a monthly growth rate of
-0.21% while urban subscriber base declined by 12.91 million, growth of -2.28%
·        According to VLR data, India had 707.28 million active mobile subscribers. Hence, actual wireless teledensity in India is 57.99% by November 2012
·      In November 2012, about 1.99 million subscribers submitted Mobile Number Portability (MNP) requests which is about 0.22% of total mobile subscriber base in India

Bharti Airtel leads with 24.2% share while players focus on active subscriber base ….
·        Bharti Airtel maintains its leadership position with 24.2% market share in India
·        Idea has largest proportion of active mobile users at 98.06% followed by Vodafone (93.39%) and Bharti Airtel (93.32%)
·        Top 5 players in Indian wireless telecom industry accounts for 82.6% market share in terms of active subscriber base
·        All major telecom players except Reliance witnessed large scale disconnections driven by increasing focus on active subscribers

U.P. (East) maintains No.1 position …
·        U.P. (East) with 58.91 million active mobile subscribers is leading followed by Maharashtra with 57.63 million active mobile users
·        Andhra Pradesh (53.73 million) is third followed by Tamil Nadu (53.51 million) at fourth. Bihar with 49.18 million active mobile subscribers is the 5th largest market wireless telecom market in India
·        Except Bihar and J&K, all telecom circles experienced negative subscriber growth. While Tamil Nadu (1.99 million), Karnataka (1.48 million) and Andhra Pradesh (1.27 million) witnessed highest amount of disconnections

Actions which can make Nashik tourist friendly city

Nashik is not only one of most important city in Maharashtra but it has large number of attractive tourist places which are highly significant for an average traveler.
As far as religious tourism is concern, Nashik holds unique edge over other places mainly due to the fact that city hosts “Kumbh Mela” every 12 years. Also, presence of important pilgrimage places such as Trimbakeshwar Temple, Saptashrungi Devi Gad and Panchavati area makes sure that city continues to attract large number of devotees throughout the year. Proximity of Nashik to Shridi is also one of big reason that city catches attention of tourist across India.
Apart from its importance as religious place, Nashik is also famous as “Wine Capital of India” resulting in visits by affluent class in large number. Moreover, being highly industrialized town; Nashik gets lot of visits from business travelers.
However, lack of basic amenities coupled with lethargic approach of authorities resulted in Nashik being not highly rated by tourists. On contrary, Nashik has continuously underperformed in the field of tourism compared with other cities in Maharashtra.          
Following actions / steps could change the Nashik is being perceived as by common tourist and help to make Nashik as one of friendliest tourist destination in India:
·         Tourist Helpline Number:

Nashik must have tourist helpline number which works 24*7. The helpline should be able to provide all the possible travel related information to the visitors. Efforts should be made to increase awareness of such facility by displaying helpline number at all key points the city. This would help much more that hanging birthday hoardings of hopeless leaders.

·         Nashik Tourist Map:

Authorities must chalk out tourist map of Nashik District covering important places with routes and distances. This would help visitors to plan their tour in proper way enabling them visit maximum number of places in shortest possible time.

·         Travel Desk / Information Kiosk:

Travel desk or tourist information kiosk must be setup at important places in the city such as Nashik Road Railway Station, Central Bus Stand, Ram Kund Area etc. This would help visitors to get proper guidance as well as enhance city’s image as tourist friendly place.

·         Authorized Tourist Guide:

City administration must create team of trained tourist guides who can provide detailed, insightful and interesting information (in multiple languages) to the people visiting various places in Nashik. It is also necessary that “Rate Card” becomes mandatory for every guide. This helps to create positive image about city as traveler goes back as “knowledgeable visitor”. Also, it will help to generate number of organized jobs.

·         Nashik Darshan Bus:

Colorful, decorated and comfortable bus service named as “Nashik Darshan Bus” must be started covering major tourist spots in the city. Considering the fact that Nashik has many tourist places away from the city, 2-3 days tour can also be arranged in the AC Bus. Similar services offered in the city like Jaipur could be ideal model to follow in the beginning.   

·         Dedicated Travel Website:

In today’s world it is impossible to create strong brand unless we have comprehensive web presence. Hence, authorizes must create “Good” travel website which not only provides information of various places but also give information about aspects such as hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, local markets etc. Alliance with one of leading travel portal to promote city of Nashik could be viable option.

·         Metered Taxi service / Prepaid Auto:

Nashik can never become “Big” town in true sense till it offers facilities such as metered taxi service, prepaid auto, radio cab etc. These services not only offer lot of convenience to the visitors but it also creates highly transparent mass transport system resulting satisfied passenger.   

·         Tourism Festival:

One does not need to learn rocket science to understand that unless you make dedicated efforts to create city’s branding by organizing various tourism festivals; it would be difficult to attract visitors. The word “Festival” is highly significant for every Indian and it creates lot of buzz.
Apart from above suggestions, long term efforts to create new attractive tourist spots such as boating clubs, theme parks, science centre and zoo as well as develop existing places to match world class standards must be made by local authorities as well as state government.

“अतिथी देवो भव”