Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) Wireless Telecom Market 2013

Source: TRAI
J&K is the fastest growing telecom market in India dominated by Airtel
J&K - jammu kashmir

J&K active subscriber base increased 11.01% to touch 5.91 million….
·         Mobile subscriber base of J&K increased by 8.53% during FY2013 to reach 6.84million; fastest in India
·         Active wireless subscriber base in J&K is  86.39% resulting in 5.91million active mobile users
·         Active subscriber base in J&K increased by 11.01% during FY2013 compared with national average of 5.86%, fastest growing market in the country
·         By March 2013, J&K is 21st largest wireless telecom market in India accounting for 0.82% of total active subscriber base; It was 22nd wireless telecom market a year ago

Bharti Airtel leads with dominant 38.6% market share ….
·         In J&K wireless telecom market, Airtel leads with 34.8% share in terms of total subscriber base followed by Aircel (26.7%), BSNL (16.9%), Vodafone (9.1%) and Reliance (9.1%)
·         Bharti extends market share in terms of active subscriber base as 95.8% of its mobile subscribers are active compared with 91.0% for Aircel and 68.6% for BSNL
·         In terms of active subscriber base, Airtel has 38.6% market share followed by Aircel (28.1%), and BSNL (13.5%)
·         Airtel’s dominance is such that the gap between market shares of top 2 players (Bharti and Aircel) is 10.5%
·         Top 5 players accounts for 96.7% of J&K’s active mobile subscriber base indicating dominance of leading players


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