Karnataka Wireless Telecom Market 2013

Source: TRAI
Airtel dominates as market grows with healthy pace
Karnataka is 7th largest wireless telecom market in India…
·         Mobile subscriber base of Karnataka decreased by 5.02% during FY2013 to reach 52.91 million
·         Active wireless subscriber base in Karnataka is  83.58% resulting in 44.23 million active mobile users
·         Active subscriber base in Karnataka increased by 6.24% during FY2013 compared with national average of 5.86%
·         By March 2013, Karnataka is 7th largest wireless telecom market in India accounting for 6.12% of total active subscriber base

Bharti Airtel rules with 36.0% market share ….
·         In Karnataka wireless telecom market, Bharti leads with 30.7% share in terms of total subscriber base followed by BSNL (13.5%), Vodafone (12.9%), Reliance (12.8%), Idea (11.8%) and Tata (11.3%)
·         Airtel extends market share in terms of active subscriber base as 98.1% of its mobile subscribers are active compared with 53.7% for BSNL and 89.9% for Vodafone
·         In terms of active subscriber base, Bharti has 36.0% market share followed by Vodafone (13.9%) and Idea (13.4%)
·         Airtel’s dominance is such that the gap between market shares of top 2 players (Bharti and Vodafone) is 22.1%
·         Top 5 players accounts for 86.4% of Karnataka’s active mobile subscriber base

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