Kolkata Wireless Telecom Market 2013

Source: TRAI
Kolkata continues to be one of worst performing market in terms of subscriber growth …
·         Mobile subscriber base of Kolkata crashed by 14.93% during FY2013 to reach 21.26 million, 2nd worst performing market in India
·         Active wireless subscriber base in Kolkata is 82.84% resulting in 17.61 million active mobile users
·         Active subscriber base in Kolkata increased by 4.01% during FY2013 compared with national average of 5.86%, 2nd lowest growth rate among all telecom circles
·         By March 2013, Kolkata is 17th largest wireless telecom market in India accounting for 2.44% of total active subscriber base

Vodafone snatched pole position from Reliance while Bharti inches closer ….
·         In Kolkata wireless telecom market, Vodafone leads with 19.7% share in terms of total subscriber base followed by Reliance (19.3%), Bharti (17.3%), Tata (13.6%) and BSNL (10.8%)
·         In terms of active subscriber base, Vodafone emerges as market leader with 23.5% market share followed by Reliance (22.4%) and Bharti (19.5%)
·         Notably, BSNL which has just 4.5% active users share is 7th reflecting its inability to serve “Metros” effectively
·         Idea with just 7.0% market share is yet to establish itself as serious player in Kolkata
·         Top 5 players accounts for 86.0% of Kolkata’s active mobile subscriber base

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