Reliance Mobile: India Wireless Telecom - 2013

Source: TRAI (March 2013)

Reliance with 14.8% market share is the 4th largest mobile telecom player in India …
·         Reliance Mobile is the fourth largest wireless telecom player in India with 14.8% market share in terms of active mobile subscribers

·         Total subscriber base of Reliance stood at 122.97 million while 86.79% of its subscriber base is active at the end of March 2013.Although Reliance made considerable progress by increasing active subscriber base proportion during FY2013; it is still lower compared with Airtel, Vodafone and Idea

·         During FY2013, active subscriber base of Reliance grew by 5.64% to 106.72 million. This is in line with growth rate of 5.86% for overall wireless telecom market in India

·         Madhya Pradesh with 10.22 million active mobile subscribers remains the largest market for Reliance followed by Bihar (8.18 million), U.P. <East>(7.99 million), Maharashtra (7.23 million) and Delhi (7.18 million)

·         During FY2013, Himachal Pradesh posted highest growth for Reliance in terms of active mobile subscriber addition at 29.97% followed by Tamil Nadu (26.48%), North East (21.90%), Gujarat (18.13%) and Bihar (15.28%)

·         Out of 22 circles where Reliance is operating 5 telecom circles witnessed negative growth for active mobile subscriber addition

·         Reliance does not hold top position in any of the circles while it is second largest player in six circles and 3rd in three circles

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