Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) East Wireless Telecom Market 2013

Source: TRAI

U.P. (East) lost No. 1position to Maharashtra …
·         Mobile subscriber base of U.P. (East) reduced by 1.67% during FY2013 to reach 73.82million. In term of total subscriber base, U.P. (East) ranks first in Indian wireless telecom market
·         Active wireless subscriber base in U.P. (East) is 81.60% resulting in 60.24 million active mobile users
·         Active subscriber base in U.P. (East) increased by 5.43% during FY2013 compared with national average of 5.86%
·         By March 2013, U.P. (East) is second largest wireless telecom market in India accounting for 8.33% of total active subscriber base
·         U.P. (East) lost its top position to Maharashtra during FY2013 despite having higher subscriber base as Maharashtra enjoys higher percentage of active users at 88.70% compared with U.P. (East) at 81.60%

Bharti Airtel leads close battle against Vodafone with 24.5% market share ….
·         In U.P. (East) wireless telecom market, Airtel leads with 20.6% share in terms of total subscriber base followed by Vodafone (20.1%), BSNL (14.1%), Reliance (13.2%) and Idea (10.0%)
·         In terms of active subscriber base, Bharti leads with 24.5% market share followed by Vodafone (24.4%), Reliance (13.3%) and Idea (12.5%)
·         BSNL with only 43.9% active users holds poor 5th place with meager 7.6% share
·         Top 5 players accounts for 82.3% of U.P. East’s active mobile subscriber base

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