10 Reasons why We Must Stay Away from BIG Cities in India

India is country which is on a growth path for last two decades. As a result, rapid urbanization has resulted in creation of many BIG or MEGA cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune etc.
With rapid growth many problems were created and started dominating overall health of those BIG cities. For an aspiring Indian from Tier 2 cities, small towns or villages it is a high time that they should seriously think of staying away from these BIG but Messy cities.

Following are few reasons

1.      Huge Population:

BIG cities are facing severe problem of “Huge Population” to manage. Most of these Mega cities are stretched by population of more than 10 million to 40 million. As a result, resource management has become daunting task for governments, administration and general public. Even, basic resources such as Food, Air, Electricity and Water are scarce.

If people start thinking seriously to stay away from these BIG cities then Load on these BIG cities would ease making them livable. But more importantly, new efficient and smarter towns and urban pockets would get developed.

2.      High Cost of living

All BIG cities have lost “Economic Viability”. Cost of all basic needs are high compared with rest of the country. Moreover, there is huge mismatch between price of real estate and rental rates making these BIG cities highly unattractive from personal as well as business point of view.

If there is systematic effort to shift non-core activities from these BIG cities in next 3-5 years then regional imbalance would reduce and new areas would get developed.

3.      Greater risk of Life

People living in BIG cities are always having greater risk of life due to factors such as higher possibility of accidents, deaths due to stampede at stations and public areas, risk of terror attacks as mostly BIG cities are targeted, stress related deaths due to hectic lifestyle. Moreover, these additional risk factors offers no additional incentives.

However, people living in smaller cities or villages do not encountered these issues making their lives lesser risky. So if you want to live safely then Quit BIG Cities!
4.      Adulteration: Milk, Vegetables, Water, Food

Be ready to consume “adulterated” food items such as milk, vegetables, water etc. if you live in BIG cities. For example, in a city like Mumbai more than 40% milk is adulterated (sometimes with harmful chemicals). Same applies with vegetables and other food articles. If you continue to consume these food items over a long time then there is high possibility that you may get affected with some serious health disorder.
5.      Congestion

If you live in BIG cities then forget the world “Spacious”. Higher population density, large number of vehicles, limited road length and encroachments resulted in “Congested” life.

This congestion plays highly damaging role in overall psychology of human being. Quit these over crowed BIG cities and live the life to fullest by shifting to smaller towns 

6.      Unhealthy lifestyle and disease prone life

BIG cities are facing chronic problem of unhealthy lifestyle due to factors such as high degree of pollution, risk of spreading the diseases to bigger scale driven by high density of population, lack of cleanliness on roads and public places due to overcrowding, overloaded drainage system. Additionally, people are adopting unhealthy lifestyle by consuming higher proportion of junk food, consuming alcohol driven by frequent “Party Culture”, lack of time leading to unscheduled meals.

People living in BIG cities are more prone to diseases related to Respiratory system due to lack of pure air and various types of pollution.

All these problems can be easily solved if BIG cities are not part of your life. It is high time to realize that even saturation point has reached mark oversaturation in these BIG cities.     
7.      Extremely crowded Public Transport 

BIG cities are facing acute problem of overcrowded public transport system. Be it local train, be it bus transport or be it any other mode of public transport; everything is overloaded and overcrowded.  As a result, it is virtually impossible to have comfortable, secure and safe journey in public transport system in Big Cities. Moreover, the problem is one cannot avoid this undesirable public transport travel while living in these Big Cities.

 Due to overcrowding, people who are physically disabled, old age people, kids, women and weaker individuals virtually stand no chance to enter public transport system. This situation can easily be avoided by relocating to smaller cities with less density of population.

8.      “Time” wasted in Travelling

BIG Cities are spread across quite larger distance increasing average “Travel” distance for daily commuter. In most cases average traveling by working person living in these BIG cities is 50km to 60km for a day resulting into travel time of 60 min to 90 min at least. This mean out of 24 hours in a day 6% time is wasted in daily commuting. This is not just “wasted” time but due to “compulsive” nature of travel it is also “stressful” time for a person. Just shift to smaller city and traveling time goes down to 20 min to 30 min maximum on per day and that too comfortable travel with less traffic.

9.      Troubled Family Life 

If you live in unhealthy, polluted, crowded and stressful environment continuously then you are bound to get affected adversely. Not only it affects your physical and psychological health but it also creates imbalance in work and family life. This invariably damage family life of an individual. Why to risk your overall wellbeing and happy family life just for the sake craze to be part of BIG messy cities. Shift to smaller cities, have a peaceful and happy family life.    

10.   Collapsed Public Infrastructure 

BIG Cities are facing severe problem of “overloading”. As a result, public infrastructure in these cities is either already collapsed or it is about to collapsed. Issues like pure drinking water, sanitation, gardens, sports grounds, roads, parking places and many more are at alarming levels. Why to be a part of these haunted cities with no place to park your vehicle, no place to sit and relax and no basic facilities. Quit these BIG mess and live “Developed” life in smaller cities.  

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  1. Hmm Very interesting article, your all points are correct , but big cities have a big job and also big salary , that's why the reason of the most people lived in Big cities...