Top 10 Busiest International Airports in India: Jul-Sep 2015

Source: DGCA

India is not only one of the fastest growing economy in the world but it is also one of the rapidly growing aviation market. Currently total number of international airports in India are at 23. The list of Top 10 Busiest International Airports in India during July to September 2015 is an interesting piece of information.

During July-September 2015, India carried 11.78 million air passengers across 75 destinations globally. Delhi is the busiest International Airport in India with 24.9% share of country’s total air passenger traffic. While economic capital Mumbai is at second spot with 22.0% share. Which means almost half of India’s international air traffic is carried by just two airports. This is certainly a point of worry for India if it wants sustainable economic growth then it must avoid overdependence on few BIG cities.

Kerala with 3 international airports (Kochi, Trivandrum and Kozhikode) in India’s Top 10 busiest list is an ideal model of development to follow of entire nation. While Tamil Nadu manage to have 2 airports in the list: Chennai and Tiruchirapally. Unless many smaller active airports are developed, India’s aviation sector growth may not achieve its full potential.
Let us look at full list of Top 10 Busiest International Airports in India

Top 10 Countries with highest International Air Traffic with India: Jul-Sep 2015

Source: DGCA

India is one of the fastest growing economy in the world leading to robust growth in aviation sector. About 11.78 million passengers traveled across 55 countries by airlines connecting 23 Indian international airports. Total international destinations connected to India during July to September 2015 stood at 75. Interesting to know the list of Top 10 Countries with highest International Air Traffic with India.

Among the list of countries with highest passenger air traffic with India, United Arab Emirates leads with 33.5% share carrying 3.99 million during July to September 2015. Singapore with 6.55% is at second followed by Saudi Arabia (6.22%). Middle East and South East Asia are the most popular destinations for Indian air travelers.

Air traffic is an indication of economic and social ties between any two nations. The way India is growing economically in last two decades, no major country can afford to ignore Indian market. As a result, in coming days increasing connectivity with India would be priority for most of the developed nations.  

Here is the detailed list of Top 10 Countries with highest International Air Traffic with India

10. Germany: 331,993 passengers (2.82%)
Germany is the most popular EU destination among Indian overseas air travelers. Frankfurt airport is the largest in terms of passenger traffic connecting India carrying 2.2% of total traffic. International flights from 5 Indian cities are operating to connect Frankfurt airport.
9. Malaysia: 461,184 passengers (3.92%)

Malaysia is highly popular tourist destination for Indians. Also considerable amount of immigrant population especially from South India is staying in Malaysia. Currently, 11 Indian cities are connected to Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. Tiruchirappalli in the state of Tamil Nadu carries highest air traffic between India and Malaysia with 116,132 passengers.
8. Sri Lanka: 488,232 passengers (4.15%)
Neighboring Island nation of Sri Lanka is connected to 11 Indian airports with Chennai topping with highest traffic. Capital city of Colombo is the only international airport currently operating flights between Sri Lanka and India.
7. Thailand: 594,793 passengers (5.05%)

Thailand’s capital city Bangkok is connected with 7 Indian international airports with Delhi carrying highest traffic. Thailand has emerged as attractive low cost tourist destination among Indians. Off late, many businesses conferences are organized by Indian companies in Thailand.

6. Oman: 607,809 passengers (5.16%)
Muscat is connected with 13 Indian destinations led by Mumbai with largest passenger traffic. Oman is one of the preferred nation for Indian migrants due to attractive employment opportunities. As a result, significant number of population frequently travel between two countries.  
5. Qatar: 657,092 passengers (5.58%)
Doha is carrying air passenger traffic between India and Oman connecting 13 destinations in India. Large population from Kerala travels to Qatar while Mumbai is the busiest airports with more than 1.07 lakh air passengers.
4. United Kingdom (UK): 661,873 passengers (5.62%)

Flights from London are connecting 7 Indian international airports, although Delhi and Mumbai with major share of passenger traffic. Due to historical linkage between two countries, large population of both sides visits each other. As a result, UK easily makes to the list of Top 10 Countries with highest International Air Traffic with India.
3. Saudi Arabia (KSA): 731,968 passengers (6.22%)

Saudi Arabia is a base for large population of Indian migrant workers. Currently four cities in Saudi Arabia are connected with 9 Indian cities via air route. In terms of passenger traffic Jeddah leads with 273,580 followed by Riyadh (257,168) and Dammam (197,065). Airport at Medina carries smaller amount of passenger traffic focused at pilgrimage.  

2. Singapore: 771,809 passengers (6.55%)
Singapore is second on the list Top 10 Countries with highest International Air Traffic with India. Tourism, employment and business links are key factors driving air passenger traffic between both countries. Singapore is connected with 12 international airports in India with Chennai carrying highest traffic. Large population from Tamil Nadu has settled in Singapore with Tamil being one of the four official languages.    
1. United Arab Emirates (UAE): 3,998,110 (33.95%)

UAE is one of the most important nation for India due to large migrant population settled, import-export trade, remittance flow and investments. Out of total international passenger traffic of India, UAE accounts for 33.95% clearly indicating importance of relations between both nations. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are major airports in UAE which are connected to 14 cities in India. Dubai to Mumbai is the busiest international air route in India followed by Dubai-Delhi and Dubai-Kochi.

Top 10 Foreign Airlines operating in India: Jul-Sep 2015

Source: DGCA    

India is one of the fastest growing aviation market in the world. Due to huge market potential it is interesting to know Top 10 Foreign Airlines operating in India. During July to September 2015 about 11.78 million air passengers traveled ‘To and From’ India to various international destinations across the world. About 5.71 million (48.5%) passengers traveled in inbound flights while 6.07 million (51.5%) air travelers took outbound flights.

Currently four domestic carriers are operating on international routes: Air India + Air India Express, Jet Airways, Indigo and SpiceJet. They accounted 37.6% market share of India’s international traffic by carrying 4.43 million passengers during July-September 2015. National carrier Air India leads with 17.4% market carrying 2.04 million travelers followed by Jet Airways (14.7%), Indigo (3.4%) and SpiceJet (2.2%).

Foreign Airlines accounted for 62.4% market share of India’s international passenger traffic. During Jul-Sep 2015, about 7.34 million passenger traveled via 69 foreign carriers across various international air routes connecting India. Aviation sector is witnessing robust growth in last few years driven by strong economic growth, rising income level, increasing trend among Indians to visit foreign destinations and growing international visitors coming to India. As a result, to be part of list about Top 10 Foreign Airlines operating in India is important for any international airline which willing to explore emerging markets. 

10. Singapore Airlines: 261,088 passengers (2.22% share)

Flagship carrier of Singapore with strong presence in the region of Southeast Asia. Large population of India traveled to Singapore as tourism destination as well as for employment and business.

9. Lufthansa: 296,346 passengers (2.52%)

Lufthansa is the largest airline in Europe operating at about 200 international destinations across 78 countries. The German airline is the most preferred airlines among Indians to travel European nations. 

8. Thai Airways: 316,923 passengers (2.69%)

Thai Airways benefits from rising popularity of Thailand as low cost tourism destination among Indian air travelers. It is a flagship carrier of Thailand operating across 78 destinations across 35 nations.

7. Saudia: 323,121 passengers (2.74%)

Saudia is a major player in international aviation sector with connectivity to more than 120 destinations globally. The flagship carrier of Saudi Arabia is one of the preferred option for large population of immigrant Indians who frequently travel to Gulf region. 
6. SriLankan Airlines: 327,468 passengers (2.78%)

The flagship carrier of island nation of Sri Lanka connects various airports in neighboring India. The passenger traffic among both countries is rising especially after the end of civil war in Sri Lanka.

5. Oman Air: 329,811 passengers (2.80%)

Large number of Indians are settled in Oman due to lucrative employment opportunities. National carrier Oman Air has strong presence in the region and benefits from zero accident record to attract Indian passengers.

4. Air Arabia: 430,755 passengers (3.66%)

Sharjah based Air Arabia is the largest low cost airline in the Middle East and North Africa region. Not a surprise that Air Arabia is one of most popular carrier among Indian population traveling to Middle East.
3. Qatar Airways: 474,481 passengers (4.03%)

State owned flagship carrier Qatar Airways connects more than 150 international destinations.  Due to excellent service and luxurious facilities, Qatar Airways is one of most popular carrier among Indian passengers.
2. Ethiad Airlines: 569,275 passengers (4.83%)

Abu Dhabi based Ethiad Airways is the second largest carrier in United Arab Emirates (UAE). As largest NRI population stays in UAE, not a surprise that it is one of most popular foreign airline among Indians.
1. Emirates Airline: 1,261,043 passengers (10.71%)

Dubai based Emirates Airline is not only largest carrier in the Middle East but it is also most preferred among Indian passengers. Connecting more than 150 cities globally, Emirates known as diverse multi-national workforce. UAE is the most popular country for Indian overseas travelers due to employment opportunities, business links and tourism.
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‘#ITForParivahan’ initiative is helping transformation of transportation sector leveraging Information Technology (IT)

'#ITForParivahan’ is a nationwide online campaign jointly initiated by IT stalwarts Mr. Vinit Goenka and Dr. Mohandas Pai to crowd source ideas from various stakeholders for effective governance in transportation sector. Both are Members (IT) Taskforce in Ministries of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways.

A dedicated and self-motivated team of 150 technocrats across India had touched more than 1.5 crore fellow citizens in the last two months through this online campaign, which received an overwhelming response from ~35,000 respondents who expressed their grievances and shared innovative ideas to improve governance and efficiency in shipping, road transport and highway sectors.
For any developed country to sustain growth, it’s transportation network spanning across ‘Roads, Highways, Ports and Waterways’ is the driving force. To top it up, Information Technology plays an important tool to improve efficiency, safety, durability, cost management, timeliness and transparency.
IT giants like Ms. Debjani Ghosh (Managing Director for South Asia at Intel Corporation), Mr. Anwar Shirpurwala (Executive Director of MAIT) and Mr. Ashish Sonal (founder & CEO of ORKASH) have endorsed this online campaign and assisted Mr. Goenka and Dr. Pai on various stages to bring legitimacy so that ‘#ITForParivahan’ may bring a positive impact in the society and build a powerful and sustainable India. 

Print Media has given considerable coverage to ‘#ITForParivahan’ initiative to create awareness.

Lokmat Times

Deshdoot Times




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‘Indigo’ continues to rule as India’s domestic air traffic up by 18.8% to 7.04 million passengers in October 2015

Source: DGCA

Indian aviation sector is experiencing robust growth driven by lower airfares due to decline in fuel prices, rising income level and improved air connectivity. During January-October 2015, total number of air passengers carried by airlines increased to 66.1 million from 55.1 million a year ago. While for the month of October 2015, passenger traffic grew by 18.8% to touch 7.04 million. Air passenger traffic growth during the month of October was mainly attributed to festival and peak tourist season in India.

India’s largest Low Cost Airline (LCC), Indigo continues to dominate with 36.8% market share. Indigo carried 2.59 million passengers during October 2015. While Jet Airways (Jet +Jet Lite) 1.50 million passenger to capture 21.2% share. State owned carrier Air India is at third place with 15.5% share carrying 1.09 million air travelers. Top 5 airlines accounts for 94.7% of total market share in Indian aviation sector.

In terms of Passenger Load Factor (PLF), another LCC SpiceJet leads with 92.1% followed by Indigo (82.4%), GoAir (81.2%). Most of the airlines experienced increased PLF driven by passenger growth due to tourist season.

On Time Performance (OTP) is one of important factor for passengers deciding about which airline to fly. New entrant Vistara is most punctual with 93.7% OTP followed by Indigo (89.6%) and SpiceJet (86.9%). Air India struggled with 75.5% OTP indicating its inability to compete effectively in highly competitive and growing industry.

The key reasons for Indigo’s dominance are excellent OTP coupled with lowest cancelations. During October 2015, overall cancellations rate for Indian airline industry was 0.57%. Smaller players like Trujet (14.95%), Air Costa (6.87%) and Air Pegasus (4.25%) suffered with high cancellations. While most of the major players fared well with less than 0.7% cancelled scheduled flights.   

Top 10 Largest Mobile Phone companies in the World – 3Q2015

Source: Gartner

Global mobile phone market is witnessing tremendous transformation driven by increased demand for affordable smartphones from emerging markets. During 3Q15, global mobile phone sales totaled 477.9 million, an increase of 3.7% year on year. Top 10 largest Mobile Phone companies in the World accounts for 63.2% of total market. 
Samsung leads with 21.4% market share followed by iPhone maker Apple with 9.6%. Top 10 list of largest mobile phone companies is dominated by Chinese brands which are aggressively expanding their base in emerging markets. Notably Micromax which is brand from India almost doubled its market share compared with last year to make strong entry in the list of Top 10.

Following is the list of Top 10 largest Mobile Phone companies in the World during 3Q2015

Broadband Internet Market in India: September 2015

Broadband internet (>= 512 Kbps download) market in India is steadily growing mainly driven by robust demand mobile subscribers. Total broadband subscriber base in India increased to 120.88 million at the end of September 2015 from 117.34 million at the end of August 2015, growth of 3.02%.
Majority of broadband connections are mobile device users (either mobile phones or dongles). In India mobile broadband connections were 104.28 million at the end of September 2015, 3.37% growth over previous month. While wired subscriber base increased by just 0.78% to touch 16.13 million.

Bharti Airtel is a market leader with 28.19 million broadband customers (23.32% share) followed by Vodafone (23.78 million), Idea Cellular ( 19.60 million), BSNL (18.94 million) and Reliance Communications (11.04 million). Top 5 accounts for 84.01% share of broadband internet market in India.

Interestingly, BSNL holds dominant position in wired broadband segment with 61.6% market share followed by Airtel with 9.8% and MTNL 7.0%. BSNL benefits mainly from its existing customer base and supremacy in fixed line telephone market where it holds 60.28% share.
While in Wireless Broadband segment Bharti Airtel holds an edge with 25.4% share followed by Vodafone (22.7%) and Idea (18.7%). More or less replica of their market share figures in mobile telecom market in terms of subscriber base.  

Vodafone expands base in North East through launch of 3G

Vodafone, second largest mobile telecom operator in India launched 3G services in Guwahati to strengthen its base in North Eastern market. Guwahati is the capital and largest city in Assam with more than 1 million population. In order to improve its network and connectivity, Vodafone invested more than ₹500cr in Assam and North East telecom circle. In the period between April – October 2015, Vodafone added 115 2G sites along with 248 2G towers. This is in addition of up gradation of existing 150 sites.

Till now Vodafone offered 3G services through bilateral roaming agreements (ICR) with other mobile carriers. But after acquiring 2100 Mhz (3G) spectrum for Assam & North East circle during March 2015 spectrum auctions, Vodafone ramped up its network and infrastructure. It is focusing on providing 3G connectivity to its customer to generate revenues via high speed broadband internet, video calling and other value added services.

North East circle active mobile subscriber base is 8.79 million at the end of September 2015. Vodafone has 13.7% market share in North East with 1.21 million active users. With added network capacity and launch of 3G services, Vodafone may provide competition to market leader Bharti Airtel which holds 39.3% market share of active mobile users.     

Top 10 Most Active Mobile Telecom Circles in India

India’s mobile telecom market is one of most exciting and highly competitive with presence of 11 operators across 22 circles. Interesting to know Top 10 Most Active Mobile Telecom Circles in India as they are more attractive markets for mobile operators.

In India, Visitor Location Register (VLR) is used to calculate active mobile subscribers. India’s active mobile subscriber base during September 2015 was 893.73 million. While active subscriber base was 89.67% of total mobile subscriber base of 996.66 million.

Maharashtra & Goa with 94.07% active mobile users tops the list followed by Kerala (93.83%), Madhya Pradesh (93.06%) and so on. It is important to analyze active mobile users as it provides real picture about actual user base. This data is important not only for mobile operators but it also helps businesses and advertisers to plan their marketing strategies.

Following is the list of Top 10 Most Active Mobile Telecom Circles in India

India Wireless Telecom Market: September 2015

UP (East) is the largest wireless telecom market in India, while Airtel holds Pole position

Source: TRAI

India’s active mobile subscriber base increased to 893.74 million in September 2015 …

·       Indian wireless telecom market ends September 2015 with subscriber base of 996.66 million, addition of 8.49 million, monthly growth rate of 0.86%

·       Overall mobile teledensity stands at 78.93% (Urban:  147.35%, Rural: 48.11%)

·       Urban to rural subscriber ratio is 57.98% to 42.02%

·       Rural market expanded by 0.68 million mobile subscribers at a monthly growth rate of

0.16% while urban subscriber base increased 7.81 million, growth of 1.37%

·       According to VLR data, India had 893.73 million active mobile subscribers. Hence, actual wireless teledensity in India is 71.10% by September 2015

·       In September 2015, about 4.17 million subscribers submitted Mobile Number Portability (MNP) requests which is about 0.42% of total mobile subscriber base in India

Bharti Airtel leads with 25.5% share as Vodafone and Idea fighting close battle for 2nd position….

·       Bharti Airtel maintains its leadership position with 25.5% market share in India while Vodafone (19.8%) and Idea (19.1%) are fighting close battle for second position

·       Idea has largest proportion of active mobile users at 102.57% followed by Reliance (97.06%), Bharti Airtel (96.95%) and Vodafone (94.15%)  

·       State-owned BSNL+MTNL with only 70.83% of active mobile subscriber base is certainly struggling in highly competitive and dynamic market environment. Strong actions to restructure needed to revive BSNL and MTNL

·       Aircel displaced BSNL to become 5th largest mobile service provider in India

·       Although Tata (76.34%) and Aircel (70.11%) are way behind leading pack in terms of active user proportion raising doubts about long term sustainability of their business model in a highly competitive market

·       Idea (2.63 million), Bharti (2.22 million) and Vodafone (1.59 million) led in terms of net subscriber additions during December 2014 while Tata with just 2,719 new subscribers performed poorly

·       Top 5 players in Indian wireless telecom industry accounts for 83.0% market share in terms of active subscriber base

U.P. (East) leads followed by Maharashtra as largest telecom circle…

·       U.P. (East) with 75.39 million active mobile users is leading followed by Maharashtra with 74.49 million active mobile subscribers

·       With 94.07% of active subscribers, Maharashtra is the most active circle while Tamil Nadu with 83.20% active users is least active

·       Bihar (66.10 million) is third followed by Tamil Nadu (66.00 million) at fourth. Andhra Pradesh with 65.86 million active mobile subscribers is the 5th largest market wireless telecom market in India

Top 10 Constituencies with Lowest Number of Voters in India

The world’s largest democracy, India is most interesting place to witness and analyze election process. During Lok Sabha elections to elect 543 Member of Parliaments more than 834 million voters are eligible to vote.  Interesting to know Top 10 Constituencies with Lowest Number of Voters in India as voter base varies across constituencies.
Union Territory of Lakshadweep has the lowest number of voters in India at 49,922 votes to elect their MP. While Daman & Diu is second lowest at 111,827 registered voters. Followed by Ladakh (K&K) with 166,763 voters, Dadar & Nagar Haveli (196,597), Andaman & Nicobar Islands (269,360) and so on.
Out of 10 largest Lok Sabha constituencies in terms of lowest number of voters; Arunachal Pradesh and Goa have 2 constituencies each. While Sikkim and Jammu & Kashmir has one constituency each. Other 4 places are occupied by Union Territories to complete the list of Top 10 Constituencies with Lowest Number of Voters in India.

Source: Election Commission of India – Lok Sabha 2014 Election Data