Top 10 Busiest International Airports in India: Jul-Sep 2015

Source: DGCA

India is not only one of the fastest growing economy in the world but it is also one of the rapidly growing aviation market. Currently total number of international airports in India are at 23. The list of Top 10 Busiest International Airports in India during July to September 2015 is an interesting piece of information.

During July-September 2015, India carried 11.78 million air passengers across 75 destinations globally. Delhi is the busiest International Airport in India with 24.9% share of country’s total air passenger traffic. While economic capital Mumbai is at second spot with 22.0% share. Which means almost half of India’s international air traffic is carried by just two airports. This is certainly a point of worry for India if it wants sustainable economic growth then it must avoid overdependence on few BIG cities.

Kerala with 3 international airports (Kochi, Trivandrum and Kozhikode) in India’s Top 10 busiest list is an ideal model of development to follow of entire nation. While Tamil Nadu manage to have 2 airports in the list: Chennai and Tiruchirapally. Unless many smaller active airports are developed, India’s aviation sector growth may not achieve its full potential.
Let us look at full list of Top 10 Busiest International Airports in India


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