Top 10 Countries with highest International Air Traffic with India: Jul-Sep 2015

Source: DGCA

India is one of the fastest growing economy in the world leading to robust growth in aviation sector. About 11.78 million passengers traveled across 55 countries by airlines connecting 23 Indian international airports. Total international destinations connected to India during July to September 2015 stood at 75. Interesting to know the list of Top 10 Countries with highest International Air Traffic with India.

Among the list of countries with highest passenger air traffic with India, United Arab Emirates leads with 33.5% share carrying 3.99 million during July to September 2015. Singapore with 6.55% is at second followed by Saudi Arabia (6.22%). Middle East and South East Asia are the most popular destinations for Indian air travelers.

Air traffic is an indication of economic and social ties between any two nations. The way India is growing economically in last two decades, no major country can afford to ignore Indian market. As a result, in coming days increasing connectivity with India would be priority for most of the developed nations.  

Here is the detailed list of Top 10 Countries with highest International Air Traffic with India

10. Germany: 331,993 passengers (2.82%)
Germany is the most popular EU destination among Indian overseas air travelers. Frankfurt airport is the largest in terms of passenger traffic connecting India carrying 2.2% of total traffic. International flights from 5 Indian cities are operating to connect Frankfurt airport.
9. Malaysia: 461,184 passengers (3.92%)

Malaysia is highly popular tourist destination for Indians. Also considerable amount of immigrant population especially from South India is staying in Malaysia. Currently, 11 Indian cities are connected to Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. Tiruchirappalli in the state of Tamil Nadu carries highest air traffic between India and Malaysia with 116,132 passengers.
8. Sri Lanka: 488,232 passengers (4.15%)
Neighboring Island nation of Sri Lanka is connected to 11 Indian airports with Chennai topping with highest traffic. Capital city of Colombo is the only international airport currently operating flights between Sri Lanka and India.
7. Thailand: 594,793 passengers (5.05%)

Thailand’s capital city Bangkok is connected with 7 Indian international airports with Delhi carrying highest traffic. Thailand has emerged as attractive low cost tourist destination among Indians. Off late, many businesses conferences are organized by Indian companies in Thailand.

6. Oman: 607,809 passengers (5.16%)
Muscat is connected with 13 Indian destinations led by Mumbai with largest passenger traffic. Oman is one of the preferred nation for Indian migrants due to attractive employment opportunities. As a result, significant number of population frequently travel between two countries.  
5. Qatar: 657,092 passengers (5.58%)
Doha is carrying air passenger traffic between India and Oman connecting 13 destinations in India. Large population from Kerala travels to Qatar while Mumbai is the busiest airports with more than 1.07 lakh air passengers.
4. United Kingdom (UK): 661,873 passengers (5.62%)

Flights from London are connecting 7 Indian international airports, although Delhi and Mumbai with major share of passenger traffic. Due to historical linkage between two countries, large population of both sides visits each other. As a result, UK easily makes to the list of Top 10 Countries with highest International Air Traffic with India.
3. Saudi Arabia (KSA): 731,968 passengers (6.22%)

Saudi Arabia is a base for large population of Indian migrant workers. Currently four cities in Saudi Arabia are connected with 9 Indian cities via air route. In terms of passenger traffic Jeddah leads with 273,580 followed by Riyadh (257,168) and Dammam (197,065). Airport at Medina carries smaller amount of passenger traffic focused at pilgrimage.  

2. Singapore: 771,809 passengers (6.55%)
Singapore is second on the list Top 10 Countries with highest International Air Traffic with India. Tourism, employment and business links are key factors driving air passenger traffic between both countries. Singapore is connected with 12 international airports in India with Chennai carrying highest traffic. Large population from Tamil Nadu has settled in Singapore with Tamil being one of the four official languages.    
1. United Arab Emirates (UAE): 3,998,110 (33.95%)

UAE is one of the most important nation for India due to large migrant population settled, import-export trade, remittance flow and investments. Out of total international passenger traffic of India, UAE accounts for 33.95% clearly indicating importance of relations between both nations. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are major airports in UAE which are connected to 14 cities in India. Dubai to Mumbai is the busiest international air route in India followed by Dubai-Delhi and Dubai-Kochi.

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