Top 10 Foreign Airlines operating in India: Jul-Sep 2015

Source: DGCA    

India is one of the fastest growing aviation market in the world. Due to huge market potential it is interesting to know Top 10 Foreign Airlines operating in India. During July to September 2015 about 11.78 million air passengers traveled ‘To and From’ India to various international destinations across the world. About 5.71 million (48.5%) passengers traveled in inbound flights while 6.07 million (51.5%) air travelers took outbound flights.

Currently four domestic carriers are operating on international routes: Air India + Air India Express, Jet Airways, Indigo and SpiceJet. They accounted 37.6% market share of India’s international traffic by carrying 4.43 million passengers during July-September 2015. National carrier Air India leads with 17.4% market carrying 2.04 million travelers followed by Jet Airways (14.7%), Indigo (3.4%) and SpiceJet (2.2%).

Foreign Airlines accounted for 62.4% market share of India’s international passenger traffic. During Jul-Sep 2015, about 7.34 million passenger traveled via 69 foreign carriers across various international air routes connecting India. Aviation sector is witnessing robust growth in last few years driven by strong economic growth, rising income level, increasing trend among Indians to visit foreign destinations and growing international visitors coming to India. As a result, to be part of list about Top 10 Foreign Airlines operating in India is important for any international airline which willing to explore emerging markets. 

10. Singapore Airlines: 261,088 passengers (2.22% share)

Flagship carrier of Singapore with strong presence in the region of Southeast Asia. Large population of India traveled to Singapore as tourism destination as well as for employment and business.

9. Lufthansa: 296,346 passengers (2.52%)

Lufthansa is the largest airline in Europe operating at about 200 international destinations across 78 countries. The German airline is the most preferred airlines among Indians to travel European nations. 

8. Thai Airways: 316,923 passengers (2.69%)

Thai Airways benefits from rising popularity of Thailand as low cost tourism destination among Indian air travelers. It is a flagship carrier of Thailand operating across 78 destinations across 35 nations.

7. Saudia: 323,121 passengers (2.74%)

Saudia is a major player in international aviation sector with connectivity to more than 120 destinations globally. The flagship carrier of Saudi Arabia is one of the preferred option for large population of immigrant Indians who frequently travel to Gulf region. 
6. SriLankan Airlines: 327,468 passengers (2.78%)

The flagship carrier of island nation of Sri Lanka connects various airports in neighboring India. The passenger traffic among both countries is rising especially after the end of civil war in Sri Lanka.

5. Oman Air: 329,811 passengers (2.80%)

Large number of Indians are settled in Oman due to lucrative employment opportunities. National carrier Oman Air has strong presence in the region and benefits from zero accident record to attract Indian passengers.

4. Air Arabia: 430,755 passengers (3.66%)

Sharjah based Air Arabia is the largest low cost airline in the Middle East and North Africa region. Not a surprise that Air Arabia is one of most popular carrier among Indian population traveling to Middle East.
3. Qatar Airways: 474,481 passengers (4.03%)

State owned flagship carrier Qatar Airways connects more than 150 international destinations.  Due to excellent service and luxurious facilities, Qatar Airways is one of most popular carrier among Indian passengers.
2. Ethiad Airlines: 569,275 passengers (4.83%)

Abu Dhabi based Ethiad Airways is the second largest carrier in United Arab Emirates (UAE). As largest NRI population stays in UAE, not a surprise that it is one of most popular foreign airline among Indians.
1. Emirates Airline: 1,261,043 passengers (10.71%)

Dubai based Emirates Airline is not only largest carrier in the Middle East but it is also most preferred among Indian passengers. Connecting more than 150 cities globally, Emirates known as diverse multi-national workforce. UAE is the most popular country for Indian overseas travelers due to employment opportunities, business links and tourism.
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