#PerCapitaOxygen would be most important developmental index by 2050 for human civilization

I would like to introduce this new “Term” as most important Human Civilization Development Index of future. I am sure that by 2050, GDP Per Capita would lost its significance so does other Economic Parameters. It would be focused on factors such as availability breathing air as most of the developed, modern and smart cities would be fighting for “Oxygen”.

Hence, Per Capita Oxygen availability in any country would become single most critical parameter to evaluate its development. Gravity of issue can easily be understood as per person need 550 liter of oxygen per day while each tree produces on an average 92 liter per day. This means 7 trees per person at least for basic survival of human race!
Do we have enough Oxygen?

In New York 5 trees per person, Mumbai (1 Tree Per Person) and Bengaluru (1 Tree for 5 persons). Just imagine how serious the issue is as on today. Now adding to that all kinds of vehicular and industrial pollutions which are making breathing fresh air even more challenging!

 Hence, ideally about 22 trees are needed per person to have environmental balance. But in most urban areas ratio is extremely alarming resulting in high percentage of population prone to diseases related to breathing.

It is high time that “Per Capita Oxygen” to be included as important developmental parameters by all top policy makers as well as international associations.

It is NOW or NEVER

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