Top 10 Most Active Mobile Operators in India 2016

India’s mobile subscriber base touched 1,127.37 million users at the end of December 2016.  Active mobile user base is 87.65% of total at 988.14 million. Active subscriber base is calculated using Visitor Location Register (VLR) of any network. Interesting to see Top 10 Most Active Mobile Operators in India 2016

Although each mobile operator claims its market share based on total subscriber base. The true picture of market share gets reflected using VLR data. As inactive user does not add any revenue for mobile operator. Among all telecom operators in India, Idea Cellular has the most active network with VLR 100.83% followed by Bharti Airtel (97.00%) and Vodafone (94.54%). Active network is more profitable as capacity utilization resources is better compared with less active network. Idea has consistently remained most active mobile operator in India.

Following is the list of Top 10 Most Active Mobile Operators in India 2016


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