Top 10 Most Connected Domestic Airports in India: February 2017

India’s domestic airline industry is witnessing robust growth with 86.55 lakh people traveled during February 2017, 15.77% growth year-on-year. Moreover, government’s focus on improving regional air connectivity is positively triggering the sector. During February 2017, India had 75 active airports covering 332 air routes. Important to know Top 10 Most Connected Domestic Airports in India: February 2017

Delhi Airport is most connected domestic airport in India with 60 air routes across India. Mumbai is 2nd with 47 followed by Bengaluru (42) Kolkata (37) and Hyderabad (35). Out of 75, Delhi is connected with 80% of active airports in India while Mumbai 63% and Bengaluru (56%). Only 19 airports in India out of 75 are connected with more than 10 cities. While 18 airports have air connectivity with 6 to 10 cities and 22 airports 2 to 5 cities. India’s 16 domestic airports have flight only for 1 location. Future certainly holds lot of potential for these smaller airports due to increasing demand coupled with congestion at airports in metro cities.

Following is the list of Top 10 Most Connected Domestic Airports in India: February 2017


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