Top 10 things to do during Kolhapur visit

Kolhapur is not only one of important city in Maharashtra but it was historical capital as well. Situated at southern border of the state with Karnataka, Kolhapur is well connected via road and rail with rest of India and important cities. Kolhapur benefits from excellent climate which helped it to flourish as important region for agricultural sector. Also, Kolhapur is one of most visited tourist place due to many attractions. For a tourist it is interesting to know Top 10 things to do during Kolhapur visit

1. Mahalakshmi Temple:
Kolhapur’s most important place is Shri Mahalakshmi (Ambabai) Temple. Lakhs of devotees visit every year to worship the Goddess. Temple is situated in the heart of the city and surrounded by market area. The temple architecture is amazing built in 7th Century by Chalukya Empire. Visit to Kolhapur must begin with Mahalakshmi Temple and it is certainly incomplete without the Darshan. 

       2. Panhala Fort:
Panhala Fort is situated about 20km from Kolhapur main city. The fort has tremendous importance in the history due to its strategic location, construction and battles. Army of Maratha King Chatrapati Shivaji fought the famous Battle of Pavan Khind in the region of Panhala and nearby Vishalgarh Fort.

3. Siddhagiri Gramjivan Wax Museum (Kaneri Math):
Siddhagiri Museum is a sculpture wax museum showcasing various aspects of village life. It is spread across 7 acres with more than 300 statues and 80 scenes. It is excellent place to visit with family and especially kids. About 10 km from main city, Siddhagiri Museum requires about 3-4 hours to see entire area. 

4. Kolhapuri Mutton Thali:
Most famous food of Kolhapur is Mutton Thali with Tambda (Red) and Pandhara (White) Rassa (Curry). Thali is combination of famous Dry (Sukka) Mutton with 2 types of curries. There are many famous restaurants in Kolhapur serving delicious non-veg meat thali. Certainly the most mouthwatering activity among Top 10 things to do during Kolhapur visit.

5. Wrestling Akhada (Training Centre):
Kolhapur is also known as city of wrestlers due to presence of thousands of Akhadas. These akhadas train thousands of wrestlers and inculcate culture of wrestling in them. As a tourist, it is exciting experience to watch training of these wrestlers and see them battling in red mud clay. Do not forget to drink fresh raw milk at those akhadas which give lot of strength and energy to these wrestlers.

6. Jyotiba Temple:
Jyotiba Temple is very famous among locals and is situated about 18km from main city of Kolhapur. Incarnation of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha; Jytoiba is temple attracts devotees from Maharashtra and Karnataka.

7.Kolhapuri Chappal (Footwear):
It is a hand crafted leather footwear which is famous across India as Kolhapuri Chappal. It is known for its unique design and look. The city market has many shops selling various types of these footwear.

8.Rankala Lake:
Rankala Lake is excellent place to spend the evening in Kolhapur. Situated in the heart of city, Rankala Lake has very good view. Also, one can enjoy the time by doing boating and having street food at chowpati. 

9. Lavani:
Lavani is traditional folk dance which is famous in rural Maharashtra. Kolhapur is known for many groups which performs excellent Lavani dance. Even in many Bollywood movies songs based on Lavani are performed by famous actresses.

10. Kolhapuri Pheta:
If one wants to experience the feeling of being Kolhapuri then wearing traditional Pheta is must. Traditional headgear is very popular among natives with almost all functions are incomplete without it. One can buy them from shops in the market but the unique way of preparing and wearing Kolhapuri Pheta is certainly a memorable experience.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Never been to Kolhapur but Kohlapur chappals are guess are in everyone's foot collection and I always looked forward to having food there.

    1. Kolhapur is must visit place for every Indian...Thanks for your feedback