Worldwide Corona Virus cases crosses 1 million mark as the US and Westren Europe badly suffers due to outbreak

Corona Virus Pandemic has spread all across the world in last 3-4 months. The deadly virus outbreak started from Wuhan, China in late 2019 and now has presence in almost all the countries in the world.
China claims that as on today 81,500 people got infected with Covid19 while 3,300 Chinese people died. However, not many people believes in official figures declared by Chinese authorities. Many fear that number of death in China are much much higher and China is hiding the truth. This argument looks much more relevant in last 15-20 days when Italy, France, Spain and the US  are reporting much higher numbers.

On 2 April 2020, total corona virus cases in the world crossed 1 million mark with USA reporting 240,000 + cases. Italy (115,000) and Spain (110,000) are at second and third position respectively. The US and Western Europe are badly affected regions where all major cities are witnessing lock down for as long as 4 to 6 weeks. New York alone has 92,000 cases as on today with 2,300 + deaths.

Globally, 52,500 people lost their lives due to corona virus pandemic till now. Italy lost 13,900 people due to outbreak which is highest in the world followed by Spain with 10,096 deaths. The US (5,800), France (5,387) and Iran (3,160) are also experiencing rapidly increasing fatalities.

While on a positive side, more than 210,000 people recovered from the disease. Currently, the recovery rate is 80% across all patients globally. However, most of European nations have lower recovery rate due to aging population. Also, total number of cases per million of population in the Europe and the US are much higher compared with rest of the world. Same is true for number of deaths.

The rate of increase in number of people getting infected has increased in last 10-15 days. For last 4-5 days more than 60,000 people are getting infected with Corona Virus on daily basis. While about 4,000 people are losing life due to Covid2019 outbreak.

The next 15 days are really crucial for the world as most of the nations are observing strict lock down. Moreover one of most populas nation the world, India has announced 21 Days Nationwide lock down till 14th April 2020.

Source: Worldometers

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